About Us

We started taking self drive tours to the USA in 2010 and now taken over 800 people from New Zealand and Australia on 26 tours. We believe that you can’t see the REAL America in just a couple of weeks and we give the freedom of SELF DRIVING. With other tours you are confined to a mini coach where you only get to go where the driver wants you to go, on their timetable, with a bunch of other people in the vehicle.

Noddy Watts is best known from the Whangamata Beach Hop which he has been involved with since it started in 2001.  Noddy is an active Hot Rodder having built his first car at the age of 18 which he still owns plus overseeing the building of 30 prize vehicles for the Beach Hop.

Noddy is passionate about Route 66 and become an expert on the history of the Mother Road. He’s also the most well known and traveled Kiwi along this historic highway.

Andrea Ross also has a vast knowledge of the USA having lived there for several years. Andrea grew up in a family owned hospitality business where she learned her skills of ensuring people were happy while on holiday. Andrea also has a passion for classic cars owning many over the years.

Noddy & Andrea are a fun loving couple who ensure their customers needs are always met and will give you the trip of a life time.

Our tours are designed so you can stop whenever you like and spend as much time as you want at various attractions along the way. Driving in the USA is easy as the locals are very courteous and we’ll teach you how to drive “American”. Our record speaks for itself!

We are quietly working on some new tours so keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for some exciting new announcements.